Martin Measures Incrementality at All Funnel Stages for Athletic Footwear brand

The Client

Our client is an athletic footwear company that is passionate about delighting its customers. They leveraged Martin’s capabilities to elevate their marketing results, delivering performance improvements in programmatic media through customization and incrementality measurement.

The Challenge

Marketers have long sought to “close the loop” when it comes to their marketing, looking to understand the real-world impact of their media
investment. For our client, that means understanding how many new runners were made aware of their brand, as well as the impact that programmatic media has on website visits and online sales.

For much of digital marketing’s history, the dominant metric has been cost per acquisition (CPA), but this attribution methodology only shows the correlation between media exposure and conversions, not causation – that is, it fails to account for those runners who would have visited the client site irrespective of media exposure.

Our client needed a programmatic media buying and measurement approach that provided a full-funnel view of performance, and that was centered around incrementality.

The Solution

Working with leading measurement providers for survey-based lift in brand awareness, coupled with Martin's sophisticated measurement methodology built directly into the DSP for lift in online conversions, incrementality was measured at all stages of the marketing funnel – across connected TV (CTV), streaming audio, online video (OLV) and Display, finally closing the loop fully and accurately.

The Results

Martin drove 6% lift in brand awareness, 18% lift in website visits and 27% lift in online purchases. The additional online conversions from lower-funnel tactics alone translated to a 242% incremental return on ad spend (iROAS) for our client.

About Martin

Martin is the modern media buying and measurement platform for sophisticated marketers who want to measure the true impact of their marketing. 

Until now, mid-sized brands and agencies have had to rely on vanity metrics to make media buying decisions  – CTR, CPM, CPA, while the hold co’s and largest of brands enlist teams of data scientists to measure incrementality – the only true measure of advertising effectiveness. 

Martin is the only DSP with fully integrated incrementality measurement and optimization at all stages of the marketing funnel, finally helping all marketers answer the question, “Is my media actually having an impact on my business?” Learn more at

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