Martin Turns On the Tap for Leading Bathroom and Kitchen Solutions Provider

The Client

Our client is a global leader for bathroom and kitchen solutions. Wanting to gain a better understanding of advertising’s impact on their business, they took advantage of Martin’s advanced capabilities to drive incremental visits to their website. 

The Challenge

For much of digital marketing’s history, the dominant metric has been cost per acquisition (CPA.) While CPA begins to answer the question of whether or not a marketer’s efforts are paying off, it fails to screen out noise from conversions that would have happened regardless of whether or not the consumer saw the ad. To address this gap, the client leveraged Martin to measure the incremental lift that their advertising generated, with the key performance indicator (KPI) being website visits.

Why Martin

To identify which media channels and properties are driving incremental results, precise measurement using bulletproof models is required. Marketers can measure lift using older approaches but those can often introduce an optimistic bias. Martin provides marketers a more modern algorithmic holdout approach called Ghost Bids, in which the DSP identifies a percentage of instances in which the brand ad would otherwise be shown, but instead isn’t. The result is a clearer picture of advertising effectiveness, helping our client make quicker and better-informed decisions about budget allocation and bidding. 


Using Martin’s incrementality measurement methodology and automatic optimization, the client was able to drive over 29,000 incremental site visits. While Online Video was more effective than Display at driving lift, it was less efficient, with a higher Cost Per Incremental Site Visit. 

Lift at each frequency of exposure was analyzed, and it was found that a frequency of 14 impressions per user is the optimal frequency to drive maximum lift. This enables our client to deploy its media investment most effectively, enforcing the correct frequency cap to deliver maximum lift, while reducing wastage on impressions that do not drive incremental conversions. 

About Martin

Martin is the modern media buying and measurement platform for sophisticated marketers who want to measure the true impact of their marketing. 

Until now, mid-sized brands and agencies have had to rely on vanity metrics to make media buying decisions  - CTR, CPM, CPA, while the hold co's and largest of brands enlist teams of data scientists to measure incrementality - the only true measure of advertising effectiveness. 

Martin is the only DSP with fully integrated incrementality measurement and optimization at all stages of the marketing funnel, finally helping all marketers answer the question, "Is my media actually having an impact on my business?" Learn more at

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