Martin Helps Empower Drive Brand Awareness, Favorability and Intent For International Skincare Client

The Client

Empower Media Marketing, a leading independent agency, wanted to measure the impact of Display media for a skincare products producer with a 60-year legacy of helping consumers care for themselves.

The Challenge

Our client’s products are sold through retailers, and no sales data was available for the purpose of attribution. Tracking online conversions wasn’t an option either, as no pixels could be placed on the brand’s website. 

How it Worked

Martin relied on its tight integration with Lucid, a leading survey-based measurement provider, to measure lift in Brand Awareness, Favorability and Intent. 

This lift experiment worked by surveying consumers segmented into an experimental group (i.e., those who saw the ad) and a holdout group consisting of users who were not shown the ad as part of this campaign. The groups were structured similarly, taking into account a range of consumer traits. The difference between the campaign response between the two groups, weighted by demographic and economic factors, is the lift that this campaign generated.


The lift study demonstrated that the campaign drove a 5.3% increase in brand awareness, as well as a 4.8% increase in brand favorability among consumers who saw the ads. Intent to purchase was also lifted by 2.4%.

About Martin

Martin is the modern media buying and measurement platform for sophisticated marketers who want to measure the true impact of their marketing. 

Until now, mid-sized brands and agencies have had to rely on vanity metrics to make media buying decisions  - CTR, CPM, CPA, while the hold co's and largest of brands enlist teams of data scientists to measure incrementality - the only true measure of advertising effectiveness. 

Martin is the only DSP with fully integrated incrementality measurement and optimization at all stages of the marketing funnel, finally helping all marketers answer the question, "Is my media actually having an impact on my business?" Learn more at

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