Martin Helps B2B Digital Solutions Company Drive More Signups

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The Client

A global B2B digital solutions provider that helps businesses establish and maintain their web presence.

The Challenge

Seeking to target small business owners and entrepreneurs, our client wanted to increase the number of online signups for their product suite, which includes subscription-based offerings. The challenge: cross platform incrementality -- running streaming audio ads, and measuring resulting incremental website signups.

How it Worked

Leveraging Martin’s direct integrations into the leading podcast, streaming music and terrestrial radio platforms, our client ran a series of audio spots, with users efficiently targeted and impression opportunities evaluated via Martin’s machine learning algorithms.

Incrementality was measured in-platform using Ghost Bids: the target audience was segmented into two groups based on digital identifiers (hashed cookie-id/device-id or IP address). Martin served ads to the exposed group, and recorded when it “wanted” to serve ads to the control group while withholding the actual bid (hence the term “Ghost Bids.”)

Then, a simulated auction (a model trained on the actual bids and impressions from the same campaign) is performed to find the Ghost Bids that would have won the auction and resulted in served ads (“ghost impressions”). Actual impressions are compared to ghost impressions to determine incremental lift.

This is the preferred incremental lift measurement method by leading marketing scientists,  but other platforms typically reserve it for high-value clients only. Ghost Bids capabilities are integrated into the Martin platform.

The study also took advantage of Martin’s device graph, powered by Tapad, to tie audio  impressions served on mobile devices in-app, to web conversions across mobile, tablet and desktop. 


Our client achieved a nearly 66% increase in signup rate among listeners who heard the campaign.

About Martin

Martin is the modern media buying and measurement platform for sophisticated marketers who want to measure the true impact of their marketing. 

Until now, mid-sized brands and agencies have had to rely on vanity metrics to make media buying decisions  - CTR, CPM, CPA, while the hold co's and largest of brands enlist teams of data scientists to measure incrementality - the only true measure of advertising effectiveness. 

Martin is the only DSP with fully integrated incrementality measurement and optimization at all stages of the marketing funnel, finally helping all marketers answer the question, "Is my media actually having an impact on my business?" Learn more at 

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